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EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 196

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 196

This introduces only one feature, but it definitely has a lot of potential for breakage:

* [EBCD-544]: Dynamically refresh list of drives & partitions when a USB is inserted or removed

I'm expecting problems in cases where the UI becomes invalid due to the re-enumeration of disks/drives. Things to test for would be scenarios where the selected drive in any of the ~8 combo boxes showing drives/partitions is removed, when a preselected drop-down box item is cleared but not re-selected, etc leaving the form in an invalid state.

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 195

This update is less-specific than previous builds, and changes quite a few things up beneath the hood. Will require more testing.

* [EBCD-437]: Fixes case-sensitive EFI detection
* Fixes issues with incorrect automatic BCD backup path in cases where the specified automatic backup path is invalid
* All message boxes are now owned by the EasyBCD window (no weird icons in taskbar, they steal focus from EasyBCD, can't return to EasyBCD without acknowledging them)
* Beta versions will always check for update on startup regardless of configuration or date of last auto update check
* [EBCD-438]: Fixes EasyBCD does not do font fallback correctly (was responsible for non-fixed-width font in Detailed Mode on Windows XP)
* Updated GRLDR to v0.4.5c 2014-01-17
* Fixed thread synchronization between update thread and edition checks (could result in wrong version being retrieved for automatic update. Don't think it ever actually happened, though)
* [EBCD-540]: Kill/close running EasyBCD instances when installing a new version (Hat-tip: Terry60)
* [EBCD-541]: EasyBCD settings are retained when upgrading to a newer version (Hat-tip: Terry60)
* [EBCD-542]: Fixed EasyBCD crash on startup if settings file in %appdata% is corrupted, outdated, or unreadable.
* [EBCD-543]: Fixed EasyBCD gets stuck in EFI mode (after detecting EFI it wouldn't allow EFI-unsafe operations on externally-loaded BCDs)
* [EBCD-514]: Digitally-sign the EasyBCD uninstaller

As you can see, many changes. Feedback is appreciated. Good luck and happy bug busting!

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 193

This build resolves all known issues with USB deployment on EFI machines.

* [EBCD-535]: Fixed BCD deployment on EFI machines to local and external drives
* [EBCD-534]: Fixed crashes/exceptions when creating bootable USB on EFI
* Removed more unused references
* Corrected extra backslashes that appear in overview when deploying BCD to external drive

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 192

* [EBCD-530]: EasyBCD no longer shows EFI boot menu entries (from the system EFI menu, not the bootmgr EFI menu) except in advanced mode:



* [EBCD-532]: Refresh BCD after saving changes in options dialog (so it'll reflect changes to Expert Mode as above immediately)
* [EBCD-531]: Fixed crash on "Edit Legacy Entries" when the boot partition isn't mounted or is inaccessible
* Even smaller setup/deployable size by removing System.Core.dll dependency
* Updated copyright info in About dialog to 2015 (automatic for all languages)
* [EBCD-533]: Using HTTPS for communication with update server for security

Those of you using EasyBCD 2.3 beta build 191 and above should be prompted to upgrade automatically thanks to the new beta auto-update system implemented in the previous build! (Let me know if it doesn't do it for you!)

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 191

* Plop has been updated to version 5.0.15
* NST Downloader (for automatic update in specific build) now works under both .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0
* Smaller setup due to reduced dependencies
* All-new automatic update code, completely rewritten and more dynamic
* EasyBCD does not need full .NET 4 framework, client profile is now enough
* Fixed layout issues with cut off "default" column on Edit Entries page in different locales
* Better localization support, translating previously not-picked-up elements

The biggest changes in this build are to the automatic upgrade. EasyBCD now supports in-app update notification for beta builds separate from stable. Users running beta builds will be notified of either stable or beta updates to the software. Users running stable will only be notified of stable updates (which means you'll need to install a beta build after installing a stable build to get future beta build updates. This may change with an option in the about page, perhaps persisting to "check for beta updates" if the user ever used a beta build).

Please report any issues you are having with Windows 10, as it is nearing release. I am investigating ongoing issues with the metro bootloader not showing even when the option is ticked in EasyBCD and welcome all input on this topic.

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 183

Ladies and gentlemen! It's been a while, and hard as it is to believe, EasyBCD development never truly stopped.
Beta build after beta build collected dust on the development PC as new features were (slowly) added, but plans to hold back on a beta release until sufficient changes were implemented had the ultimate (and much-undesired) effect of putting off the launch of the EasyBCD 2.3 beta for quite some time.

All that changes, today we have a fresh beta build of EasyBCD hot off the compilers and ready for testing. EasyBCD 2.2 has been rock-solid and truly stood the test of time (and the release of an OS and "service pack" to boot), so don't expect any enormous changes, but EasyBCD 2.3 does bring some longer-awaited changes to the table.

Here's a quick summary:
* [EBCD-518]: Detect EFI and disable unsupported features
* [EBCD-519]: Detect presence of winload.efi as marker of LH-based menu entry and unlock advanced settings accordingly
* [EBCD-517]: Automatically use and load winload.efi on EFI machines
* [EBCD-522]: Catch and report errors about missing translation strings
* [EBCD-510]: Support OS X on a different physical disk
* [EBCD-521]: Detect Metro UI status, and add an option to enable/disable the Metro UI for the bootloader
* [EBCD-512]: Fixed alignment of help buttons on Advanced Settings page
* [EBCD-527]: FreeDOS support
* Licensing code speaks JSON to the new licensing server (bye-bye XML)
* Cleaned up element names in the UI for the benefit of our beloved translators

So, biggest changes are improved EFI support and full Metro UI options for the bootloader. Personally, I don't like the Metro bootloader, but a lot of you have asked for this feature. Note that the metro UI will only appear if the Windows 8 bootloader is in place (i.e. one or more of the Windows installations on the machine is Windows 8/Server 2012).

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 196.rar

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 195.rar

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 193.rar

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 192.rar

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 191.rar

EasyBCD 2.3 Beta - Build 183.rar

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